About Mitigadores

Im so glad you are here! and that you are about to know more about the story of my life project.

Im Daniela Roa, Im a Designer and Mitigadores was born on my graduation project of my design career. 

The motivation of my brand starts on my collection of turbans, when I started to look for an answer to the question

¿Why do we collect things? I started a deep self instrospection process and I found that my relationship with the turban (The object I collect) was more deep, emotional and significant than I thought. I recognized that the accesories in my head have been the objects by which I have become sensitized to the world and through them I have known things that have been my motivation to visit new places and thus grow my collection.

In this process, as a designer, I understood, that for me is not about a headband or any other head piece, is about an extension of a personality, it is an object that carries spaces, times and emotions. Headpieces came to my life to help me in the process of knowing my self, valuing my essence and accepting things that I was not comfortable with (my frizzy hair).

The turban came into my life to mitigate the emotional and physical burden of not knowing how to handle something with which I came into the world, which was the amount, texture and volume of my curly hair. Thats why is so much more than just a headband, it is a “Mitigador de cargas” 

I hope with all my heart that you can relate to this accessory and that you can also experience it as a reliever in your day to day.

Welcome to your place to MITIGATE.